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Why choose Language and Academic Preparation at UJOP?

30. 05. 2023 17.03 hod.

A long tradition and high-quality education:

- we have been preparing foreign students for university studies in Slovakia for 63 years
- we work with our own teaching methodology of the Slovak language and academic subjects and our own study materials
- teaching is provided by qualified teachers, lot of them with many years of experience
- our graduates show a success rate of more than 90% in university admissions interviews

Two certificates in the price of the course:

- the possibility to obtain two certificates during the course:

  • at level B1 (March) – required by some universities where students would have to pay for a certified exam;
  • at B2 level (May) – final exam and certificate at the end of the course

- testing is subject to strict criteria and copies modern trends in language testing

- tests are always updated

- our certificates maintain a high reputation in the field of language testing for a long time


- UJOP is known for its family and friendly atmosphere

- students know each other and help each other

- in addition to classical teaching, we also offer students extracurricular activities (trips, workshops, excursions)

- teachers and the Study Department help students with all problems throughout the year

- students always like to return to UJOP

- our social networks: Facebook - Útvar jazykovej a odbornej prípravy and Instagram (ujop_uk)

Admission process:

- two groups of students study at UJOP: government scholarship holders and those who pay for their studies themselves – self-payers

- scholarship holders are accepted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Research of the Slovak Republic (more info here: https://www.vladnestipendia.sk/en/)

- self-payers are accepted by UJOP Department after correctly completed online application, fulfillment of all conditions (good academic results, submitting required documents, etc.) and a short online interview

- the acceptance of an applicant for study is preceded by a thorough evaluation of the fulfillment of all conditions

- applicants never pay the registration fee before receiving the Acceptance Letter

- you can read more about the admission process and the necessary documents on our website: Language and Academic Preparation

What is included in the price:

- high-quality and intensive tuition

- certified testing twice a year

- regularly checked school attendance, which increases the motivation of students to take their studies seriously

- assistance of the Study Department in the process of granting visas and temporary residence

- assistance of the Study Department in filling out applications for universities

- solving various situations throughout the year