Intensive Language Preparation for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Studies - 10 months

The information about the programme will be updated on March 1, 2020.


2rd September 2020 – 30th June 2021

Winter term: 02.09.2020 - 31.01.2021
Summer term: 01.02.2021 - 30.06.2021

VenueComenius University in Bratislava
Žižkova 10
811 02 Bratislava

Programme of educational activity Language Preparation for foreign students for University Studies - for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Studies. The preparation is in the Slovak language.
Target of educational activityIts target is to gain capability for graduates of the course in Slovak language to be able to communicate in new language environment a to gain language competencies which are creatively applied in oral and written communication at relevant level.
Strucutre of the tuition 

The tuition takes place every day from Monday to Friday morning.
25 lessons per week.
Students are placed in groups according to entrance exam and interview (except beginners).

We offer courses at all levels from beginners to advanced.
Organizational form of tuitionGroup day attendance form of study.
Organization of examsExams are in written and oral form always at the end of Summer term. 
Target group

It is appointed for wide range of applicants:

● for students interested in studying at Slovak Universities - for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Studies.
Certificate of completionAfter successful completion of the course – passing the final exams of Slovak language and completing at least 75% of the tuition, the student is granted the Certificate of completion of the Language Preparation for PhD study.  
Application deadline 

Deadline for applicants with visa requirement: from March 1 until May 30.

Deadline for applicants with valid residence stay permit at territory of Slovak republic, for foreigners with Slovak passport and EÚ citizens: from March 1 until July 31.

Applications after this date will be considered individually.


3 650 €

Registration fee: 50 € (non-refundable)