Slovak Language Course for Diplomats


Winter term: 10.09.2018 – 01.02.2019
Summer term:  04.02.2019 – 28.06.2019

VenueComenius University in Bratislava
Žižkova 10
811 02 Bratislava

Individual tuition - by agreement.
Programme of educational activityEvening course for diplomats at all levels of command of Slovak language with lectors with specialization for teaching Slovak language as a foreign language 
Target of educational activityIts target is to gain capability for graduates of the course in Slovak language to be able to communicate in new language environment and to gain language competencies which are creatively applied in oral and written communication at relevant level. Tuition of Slovak language is focused on specific area (diplomacy, international relations and foreign commerce).
Structure of the tuition

The tuition takes place on Monday and Wednesday in the evening.
4 lessons per week from 18:00 to 19:30.
Overall: 72 lessons.

Participants (except beginners A1) will write entrance test and will pass a short interview which will test their command of Slovak language in order to place them into relevant study group.

We offer courses at all levels: 

  • complete beginners A1
  • beginners A2
  • pre-intermediate B1
  • intermediate B2
  • advanced C

 Study content of study groups A1, A2: 

  • tuition of Slovak language as a foreign language with focus on communication
  • communication in most common diplomatic situations
  • learning the topics of present socio-political issues
  • learning the most relevant information from Slovak history, culture, diplomacy, international relations and realia

 Study content of study groups B1, B2: 

  • tuition of Slovak language as a foreign language for pre-intermediate students
  • communication at social events, etiquette, discussion on topics on various socio-political issues
  • approximation of cultures, state symbols, flag etiquette, protocol during the visit of constitutional functionaries
Organization of education Attendance form of study in small groups, maximum 10 students in one group. Also the possibility of individual courses - by agreement.
Target groupCourses are aimed at employees in the area of diplomatic service and international relations
Certificate of completionAfter completing at least 75% of tuition the student is granted the Certificate of completion of the Study programme.
Application deadline

Deadline for winter term: until September 6.
Deadline for summer term: until January 31.

Only for applicants with valid residence stay permit at territory of Slovak republic, for foreigners with Slovak passport and EÚ citizens.


380 € (textbooks are not included in the price, approximately 12-32 €).
For students who continue in study programme – 10 % discount of the final price of the course!

The price for individual courses is set by agreement.