Testing Language Skill

Certificate of Slovak Language Proficiency

Institute of Language and Academic Preparation for Foreigners and Compatriots (ILAP) offers you the possibility to reach the certificate of Slovak language proficiency in five levels of language proficiency.

ILAP testing system is in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The certification exam is conducted at language levels: A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

The exam is intended for all foreigners who want or need to verify the degree of their communication competence in the Slovak language.





On-site form at Žižkova 10 street, Bratislava

12 - 13 June, 2023


Registration for language exam is opened app. 2 months before language exam until the application deadline.

Application deadline for June´s language exam will be on May 31, 2023.



fee 150 EUR

fee in extra term 200 EUR


Online consultation via MS Teams for assessment of current language skill:

20 EUR / 45 minutes

How to register

  1. Complete an online application form for the exam. The application must be sent until application deadline. Applicants for a TJK certificate who submit an application at a later date may not be approved for the given test date.
  2. After application deadline we will send you a confirmation with complete information on holding the exam (time, venue, the way of payment for the exam fee, etc.).
  3. As it is required in the application form to state the level of proficiency you wish to pass, ILAP offers you consultancy lessons before taking an exam for extra fee (online via MS Teams, fee 20 € per 45 minutes). They might be helpful for estimating your present level of Slovak language proficiencyas well as your abilities to pass an exam.
  4. You will be informed about the results of the passed exam via email within 15 days after language exam. Certificate is sent via the Slovak post to address written in online application form within 30 days after language exam.
  5. To get more information see FAQ (down) or in case of specific question contact us via email: tjk@cdv.uniba.sk


1.      When is the date of exam?

You can find dates of exams on our website www.cdv.uniba.sk in the section „Slovak Language Certificate Exam“ – Date. Dates are updated continuously.

2.      Is it possible to take the exam outside of the dates written on website?

Yes, it is possible to take the exam during an extra date – in case of your interest in this option, please contact the Study department of UJOP CDV UK via email directly: tjkcdv.uniba.sk. Then you will be informed and get a proposal which takes into account your requirement. During extra date there is a different price for the exam, it is necessary to pay for this extra exam in advance.

3.      How it is possible to enroll for Slovak language exam?

Please fill and send us online application form from our website: www.cdv.uniba.sk in section Slovak Language Certificate Exam. It is necessary to send application before application deadline. After receiving your online application form, you will receive on your email invitation with complete information and payment instructions after application deadline, 1 week before exam at latest.

4.      How can I pay for Slovak language exam?

After application deadline you get payment instructions to pay exam fee. It is necessary to pay before exam.

5.      How does the exam look like?

The exam has 2 parts – written and oral part. Written part contains test from grammar and lexicon which takes 120 minutes. To be prepared for this part of exam you can try mock test from our website: www.cdv.uniba.sk in section Slovak Language Certificate Exam – Mock tests.   Oral part takes 30 minutes in form of interview where you get questions to different topics of everyday life related to tested level of Slovak language (A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2). Exept the level A2 there is part with listening comprehension and solving of „problem task“ which is sponataneus dialogue on a specific topic.

6.      How many days does the exam take?

It depends on the number of applicants – usually it is divided to 2 days. First day takes place written part of the exam, next day oral part of the exam. If there is less applicants - it is possible to do written and oral exam during first day. In case applicants arrive to exam from abroad - it is possible to do both parts of exam within first day.

7.      When will I get information about the result of exam?

You will be informed about the results of exams within 15 days after exam´s date.

8.      Which level of language skills could I choose for my exam?

In case you don´t know your level of Slovak language skills we recommend a consultation to consider your language competencies (personally or online), where we try to give our clients good advice for the exam and choosing of level. It is possible to apply for consultation separately by sending the application for online consultation or you could write this information into your online application for online Slovak language certificate exam.  Then you will be informed by our teacher of Slovak language, who suggests a date of consultation lesson for you. It takes 45 minutes, the price is 20 €, it is necessary to pay for consultation in advance.

9.      Which level of Slovak language could I choose when I wish to study or work in Slovakia?

Universities usually require level B2, in some specific fields of study is required level B1 – it is necessary to find our this information at Study department of a Slovak university directly. Employers in Slovakia require  specific level (depends on employer) – i. e. in educational system usually C1 level, in other proffesions could be required lower levels i.e. no specific level – only a proof about Slovak language skills. Then you should find out this information from your employer directly.

10.  Can I change my level of Slovak language certificate exam after sending of online application form?

Yes. If you decide for a different level of certificate exam than information written in your online application – please send us ASAP an email requesting a change of this information: tjkcdv.uniba.sk. It is not necessary to send us a new online application form.  

11.  Do you require for taking the exam previous attendance at Slovak language course?

No. During exam are tested your communication competencies and skills in Slovak language, which could be obtained by different ways – so it is not necessary to attend previous course of Slovak language at our Institution or in the different language institution.