Hovorme spolu po slovensky! – B2

About the book

Title: Hovorme spolu po slovensky! - level B2 

Authors: Alica Bortlíková, Eva Maierová, Jana Navrátiilová

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Publisher: Comenius University in Bratislava, Center for Continuing Education, 2017, ISBN 978-80-223-4261-2

Language: Slovak 


Study material Hovorme spolu po slovensky! - B2 consisting of: 

  • textbook and exercise book + CD

Study material is intended for all those interested in the study of Slovak as a foreign language at level B2.

Course book and exercise book Hovorme spolu po slovensky! – B2 are destined for upper intermediate interested in Slovak language as a foreign language. The teaching material is suitable for all foreign students and foreigners living or working in Slovakia, to students of Slovak language abroad, for people with philological knowledge or without them, so for those, who want to improve their Slovak language at the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Course book and exercise book are designed so, that they are suitable for all types of courses - short term, long term, evening, summer, individual, to prepare foreigners for the undergraduate and postgraduate study, as well as for compatriots and other students, who want to know the Slovak language at that level for various reasons – they work or live in Slovakia or they will need language exams in Slovak language.

The offered material consists of the course book with recordings on CD and workbook. Course book and exercise book contains six lessons. Exercise book is intended primarily for practicing and strengthening the knowledge. The recommended additional material is Gramatika B1 + B2, which is an integral part of the work.

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