Tri, dva, jeden - slovenčina - A2

About the book

Title: Tri, dva, jeden - slovenčina - úroveň A2

Authors: Iveta Andorová, Martina Uličná, Vladimíra Bashir Géčová, Adela Gabríková

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Publisher: Comenius University in Bratislava, Center for Continuing Education, 2017, ISBN 978-80-223-4356-5

Language: Slovak


Study material Tri, dva, jeden - slovenčina - level A2 consisting of:  

  • textbook and exercise book two in one + CD  

Study material is intended for all those interested in the studying of Slovak language as a foreign language on level A2. The aim of the study material:  

  • develops equally individual language competencies and works with acquired knowledge in real life situations
  • provides motivational material for acquiring language competencies in the Slovak language
  • topics are presented clearly and simply, grammar rules and new vocabulary is accompanied with a wide range of exercises and activities
  • contains abundancy of Slovak realities to individual topics



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