Language and Academic Preparation before University Studies in Slovak Language

Current information and new application form for academic year 2023/2024 will be available within March 2023.


September 1, 2022June 30, 2023

Winter term: September 1, 2022—January 1, 2023
Summer term: February 1, 2023—June 30, 2023

VenueComenius University in Bratislava
Žižkova 10
811 02 Bratislava
Target Group
  • Secondary-school graduates interested in university studies in Slovakia (Bachelor or Master degree)
  • University graduates holding Bachelor degree, wishing to continue in Master study and reach Master degree
Programme Goals
  • receiving a Slovak language proficiency to communicate at B2 level according to the Common Europian Framework for Languages
  • developing acquired language competencies in vocational and language preparation for university studies
  • enriching vocabulary with professional terminology and preparing for entrance exams for university studies in the Slovak language
Language of InstructionSlovak
Tuition Structure

Study groups are formed according to the following fields of study:

  • Medical and Biological fields
  • Economic fields
  • Technical fields
  • Humanities, Law
  • Natural Sciences

Length of the Programme: 10 months

Sept 1half of Oct: Intensive Slovak Language Course (25 lessons per week)

half of Oct.half of May: Slovak language course and academic subjects (30—32 lessons per week)

Lessons are provided in daily form, usually from 8.30 am till 3.10 pm (depends on the schedule)

Examinations OrganizationExams are held in written and oral form at the end of the both terms.

After successful completion of the preparation, a student will receive the Certificate of Language and Academic Preparation.

(This certificate does not guarantee admission to the relevant university, but it significantly increases the likelihood for successful acceptance into university and subsequent studies. The decision whether you are accepted is made byt the dean of the relevant faculty.)

Application Deadline

Deadline for citizens of countries outside the European Higher Education Area: March 15—May 30, 2022.

Deadline for citizens of the European Higher Education Area, USA and Canada: March 15—June 15, 2022.

Deadline for applicants with valid residence stay permit at territory of Slovak Republic, for foreigners with Slovak passport and EU citizens, Ukrainian applicants with status (temporary/subsidiary protection, asylum-seeker): March 15—August 15, 2022.

Registration to study in academic year 2022/2023 was closed.

New application for academic year 2023/2024 will be available within March 2023. 

Tuition Fee3 850 €
Registration fee: 50 € (non-refundable)
The price applies only to 15 participants in one group.

Documents needed for application

  • Scan of the identification page in passport (page with photo and information about minimum validity until August 31, 2023)
  • Scan of highest achieved education documents (in case the applicant is in their last year of highschool, a confirmation of school attendance with a date of the last exam is required, in case of applicant with completed Bachelor/Master degree - Bachelor/Master diploma with transcript of marks)
  • CV in format .pdf or .jpg - we accept CV in form of Europass, it needs to be hand-signed

    note: Form to fill in the CV as Europass

    Applicant younger than 18 years:
  • All of the documents mentioned above (scan of passport, scan of education documents, hand-signed CV)
  • Scan of tutor's ID card (Tutor - person older than 18 with permanent residence/residence stay permit living in Slovakia, who takes up responsibility for the applicant, up until applicant's 18th birthday)
  • Scan of full attorney between applicant's parents and tutor

    Optional supplements:
  • Recommendation from teachers
  • Certificate of language skills or other specific skills

Information about the admission process

We accept only the first application for study for academic year 2022/2023.
Please fill in the application in detail and truthfully. Every information is important.
Adding additional information into the application is not possible.

Don’t forget to write the email address that is yours, active and actively used, and that you will be actively using during the whole academic year 2022/2023.

In case you have problems with filling in the application (technical difficulties), contact the Study Department of ÚJOP CĎV UK at

Applicants, who are 18 years old and above are required to fill in the application by themselves and comunicate with the Study department directly, without the assistance of another person.

Applicants, who are under 18 years of age can use help of their tutor to fill in the application.




1. What is the length of tuition?

The Academic year begins on September 1, and ends on August 31. The tuition takes place from September to May. Winter term exams take place during the last two weeks in January, Summer term exams take place during the last two weeks in May. June is reserved for re-take exams, individual preparation for entrance exams and university entrance exams.

2. How much is the tuition fee?

There is a 50 € non-refundable registration fee for application processing, the tuition fee for the programme (10 months) is 3850 €.

3. What is the difference between the study programmes: Language and Academic Preparation before University Studies and Intensive Language Preparation - 10 months?

Most Slovak colleges and universities require language and academic preparation, therefore the programme no. 1 is recommended for all who are interested in further studies at university in the Slovak Republic.

This programme is determined for absolute beginners or beginners (A1, A2 levels). It starts at level A1 and ends at level B2.

The Intensive Language and Academic Preparation is determined for those, whose knowledge of the Slovak language is at least at the A2 level. It starts at level B1 and ends at level B2.

If you need an advice on which program is right for you, contact the Study Department by email.

4. Will I receive a certificate after completion of this programme? What level of Slovak language will be on this document?

Student will receive the final certificate after completion of all their exams. The Slovak language final exam is from level B2. The final certificate will also contain the marks from other subjects, which depend on their chosen field of study. Some faculties of University in Slovak republic require this certificate of completion of programme of Language and academic preparation before university studies in Slovak language.

5. Is the knowledge of Slovak, English or other language expected before the start of study?

No, our students learn Slovak language from level A1 – complete beginner, up to level B2. First 5 weeks of tuition is only intensive Slovak language lessons. The students begin studying academic subjects from the second half of October.

6. What is the price of the study books? Are they available for purchase also in bookshops?

The price of the study books is not a part of the tuition fee. Students buy the books continuously during the year, the price of the books of Slovak language overall is approximately 100 €, the books of academic subjects is 30-50 €. The books can be bought at the Study Department, or the bookstores. 

7. In which areas and subjects are students preparing for the entrance exams?

Medicine/Biology: Slovak language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (only in Winter term),

Economics: Slovak language, English language, Mathematics, Introduction to Economy, Logic,

Humanities (depends on focus of studies): Slovak language, History, Social science, according the chosen field – Logic, English language, Literature, History of art, Drawing

Technics: Slovak language, Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Geometry.

8. Is it possible to pay for the programme in installments?

No, it is not possible.

9. Is it possible to begin studies also during the Summer term?

Students are required to begin their study in month September (1. – 30.9.). In case they are unable to begin their studies on time, they have the option to delay their studies until next academic year, or to ask for refund.

10. What is the fee, if I ask for refund of the tuition fee (refusal of visa/residence stay permit, not being able to begin study in September)?

The storno fee is 10% from the paid amount of tuition fee. Registration fee 50 € is non-refundable.

11. When does the tuition take place?

Every day (Monday to Friday) from 8:30 to 13:30, some day to 15:10, or to 16:50

12. Is it possible to work while studying?

The main responsibility of students in the preparatory programme is to study. We throughly check the attendance, where the allowed absence for the monitored period is 20%. Students can work part-time in their free time (only a certain amout of hours a week), not during tuition.

13. What is the validity of „Residence stay permit for education purposes“?

Until the end of academic year, that is until August 31, after acceptance to University (in Summer), it is necessary to prolong the validity of the permit at the Foreign police in Slovak republic.

14. Can you provide accommodation?

Yes, the accommodation is possible in atrium houses at dormitory Mlyny UK (Staré Grunty 36). It is necessary to pay 500 € beforehand, which is used for monthly payment for accommodation, which depends on the type of room (100 € 3 bed room per month. 130 € 1 bed room per month).

Communal rooms: kitchen, toilets, bathrooms.

15. What is the deadline for translation of education documents?

We require for the documents to have Aposttile or for them to be superlegalized for enrollment in September. Translation into Slovak language needs to be done by the end of October.

16. Do you provide assistance with nostrification and applications for further university studies?

Yes, the assistance is free, we advise our students on how to apply for recognition of education documents and how to correctly fill in university application.

17. Can student apply to more universities/programmes?

Yes, it is recommended. In case the student is not admitted to preferred university/programme, there is always possibility of being admitted to other university/programme, as the student applied to more universities/programmes.

18. When is the enrollment day?

The enrollment takes place during the first week of September. In special and justified cases the enrollment is possible until September 30. It is not possible to enroll after this date. Student has the option of postponing his studies until next academic year, or for a refund (there is a storno fee).

19. What documents are required for the enrollment in September?

In case a student doesn’t submit all necessary documents, he/she will not be enrolled for study:

• valid passport with type D visa, or confirmation of submitted residence stay permit application at Foreign police or Slovak Embassy abroad, or valid residence stay permit card, or ID card of EU citizen,

• criminal record from home country + from a country where the student lived for the last 3 years more than 90 days + from any country where the student has a citizenship,

• education documents (highest achieved education) with aposttile or superlegalization,

• confirmation from a doctor from home country not older than 30 days (in Slovak or English language),

• confirmation of accommodation in Slovakia.

20. Who can students turn to in case of problems relevant to studies?

They can turn to Study department ÚJOP CĎV UK Bratislava, Žižkova 10, 2nd floor. Via email any time, personally – during office hours (can be found on our website):