Centre for Continuing EducationComenius University Bratislava

About us

Part of the Center for Continuing Education, the University of the Third Age was founded in the spring of 1990, opening its doors for the first group of 235 students in October in the same year. Study programs of the UTA are prepared in collaboration with the faculties of Comenius University. 

UTA offers more than 35 study braches. Among the teachers are both academic and scientific professional of Comenius University and guest lecturers from the specific fields and visiting lecturers from abroad. 

Studying at UTA takes the form of non-formal study. Students in the first year enrol in common background courses, created from the entry level materials of the study branches. During the second and third study year, the students focus entirely on their select study branch. Lectures take place every 14 days, consisting of a single two-hour lecture. The specific timeframe depends on the individual study branch, but always takes place during the work week. 

Study at UTA is open to persons in age over 50 who have graduated high school. There are no entry-level exams; students are accepted solely on the order of application. Today, the UTA has almost 2000 students, with another 200 participating in the UTA Club. After completing the three-year study, the graduates receive their certificates during the ceremony in the Hall of Comenius University.

Our Mission Statement:

  • to contribute to securing the seniors' right to education
  • to create a new, high-quality life program for seniors
  • to help in creating valuable free-time activities
  • to assist the broadening of horizons, expand knowledge, clarify the unknown and provide the newest information from the fields of science and society
  • to help seniors cope with new social context from entering retirement and being retired
  • to contribute to the continuous improvement of seniors' overall health and to help inhibit psychological aging